Rewards and Recognition…

What does Reward Recognition means to Nitin Gupta (gupnit)? For me, recognition comes in various forms and shapes, not only at work but across interactions and contributions the we do with family, friends, colleagues and others globally in a digital world. The satisfaction of being able to bring positive value that we bring to people around us – matters! Have divided recognitions across 3 buckets (click them for more…)

[A] Recognition at Work

Have been fortune enough to be recognized by my employers and leaders for passion, hard work and preseverance. Haven’t kept track of all rewards & recognition over the years, so listing out a few recent ones from my current organiation in the role I am in…

Awarded by HCL Sales Hero for winning large deals like BP, Thmonson Reuters, SSE, Travelodge to name a few…
Awarded highest (elite) Platimun Club for winning $1 Billion worth of new business
Awarded for HCL UK&I region’s best reshape deal for JLT…
Awarded for HCL UK&I region’s Game Changer Deal for easyJet…
Awarded for HCL UK&I region’s Most Innovative Deal for Cadent Gas…
Awarded for DACH Regions Best Reshape Deal for Electrolux…

Awarded HCL Sales Hero for winning large deals like Cadent Gas, EasyJet, JLT, ARM, Barclays, to name a few…
Awarded Top Infrastructure Transformation execution for ANZ Bank…

The rewards and recognition is never a result of an individual’s effort but the effort of teams working toegther as peers and partners, so a big thanks to my colleagues, leaders and team.

[B] Recognition from Industry

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species he is today. Often, we are too slow to recognize how much and
in what ways we can assist each other through sharing expertise and knowledge.

Knowledge seeks community and nothing illustrates this principle more than the Internet (digital world). It is also via various online communities via blogs, forums & articles, I have had the opportunity to share whatever I know and in the process help people in the technology industry. This sharing has also led to me being recognized in the industry as a leading expert. Some of the recognition examples are mentioned below…

Note: All these contributions are voluntary without any financial gains

Awarded Microsoft MVP on Exchange for technical contributions to industry (only ~120 globally)
Awarded Expert Exchange – Verified Expert for being a top technical solution expert helping people since 2019
Awarded Experts Exchange Certified Genius on Exchange Server since 2009
Awarded Experts Exchange Certified Master on Active Directory since 2008
Awarded Microsoft MVP on Exchange for technical contributions to industry (only ~115 globally)
Awarded Experts Exchange Certified Wizard on Outlook since 2008
Awarded Experts Exchange Certified Master on Windows Server OS since 2008
For more of my Awards from Experts Exchange, please visit my EE Profile…
[C] Recognition from Family, Friends, Peers

Don’t do something for recognition, Do it out of kindness, do it because out of giving, it will make you whole and complete.

First thing that comes to my mind when we talk about Nitin is Mr. Dependable, we have worked on many successful projects together and Nitin has been instrumental in providing and architecting the right solutions for our customer. Nitin has true blend of technology and sales which makes him 100% Presales Solution Manager. An honest & trustworthy team player, always ready to help and available just a call away.

Ameet Mantrii – Global Alliances Manager @ Zerto – APJ Region

One rarely comes across a person with Nitin’s capabilities. He is, to my mind, one of the best technical resources that I have worked with. Thorough in his area of specialization, a keen eye for detail and a never-say-die attitude make him the person he is. Always accessible, always dependable, always ready with answers to the most complex questions and a ‘rare in technical resources’ flair for sales meant that he was an effective force-multiplier the sales team.

Bhupinder Singh – Global Alliance Manager, Strategic Alliances @ Micro Focus

Nitin is a core entrepreneur at heart. Through any unknown & complex challenge, he brings good solution on the table and on the way finds best solution. His ability to mingle and work with people from varied culture and background ensures good support from his team.

Vinayak Ragho – Sr Infrastructure Services Manager @ Mphasis

These are just couple of testimonials from colleagues, peers & friends. For more please reach out to my Linkedin Profile