Overview: Experts Exchange is a world leading technology forum that has been used by thousands of technology professional and leading organizations to get their technology problems solved through collaboration and learning.
Contribution: I have been the leading contributor on the Experts-Exchange platform since year 2008. I am certified by Experts Exchange across multiple areas (some listed):
Genius across Microsoft Exchange Server
Wizard across Microsoft Outlook
Master across Microsoft Windows Servers, Directory Services

Overview: Beyond Blues is an established market & business development consulting firm that specializes in helping start up’s , small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) & family run business – in creating sustainable growth through successful expansion in targeted market by developing their business strategy & implementing it in respective market.
Contribution: Have supported BeyondBlues in developing their interactive ‘Humanoid Robot’ on AI to be promoted as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ across educational institutions which will definitely revolutionise the educational sector in India (t0 start with).

Adria Global

Overview: Adriaglobal is a team of experienced financial planning professionals. One of the key goals when founding this business, was to give people the ability to focus on the better things in life and worry less about money.
Founded: 2016-2017
Contribution: Technology consultancy in ensurnig design thinking is at the heart of service with customer experience and trust being the absolute priority.

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