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Success Strategy for Chatbot Deployment Program

IT Leaders are increasingly feeling the heat, with end-users being exposed to phenomenal experiences in technology outside of work. This has resulted in ~70% of end-users globally being disillusioned with internal IT.

Is Technology overload really improving employee productivity?

CIOs now want to be seen as innovative and transformative, hence the speed at which new technology is being rolled out is crazy. In the name of digital transformation, innovation and transformation, is business and IT going overboard? Is this technology overload causing the employees to feel overwhelmed? Are the employees really productive due this technology overload?
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Are the CIOs ready for customer obsession?

I was reading the article published in Enterprise CIO titled "The CIO's role is moving to customer obsession - but many lack the tools to do it", it started very well with...

Need greater focus from IT Leadership

Every time an organisation releases a workplace services RFP there are quite a few consistent themes - unhappy with current services, cost optimisation, employee experience, automation, innovation.

IT doesn’t understand Employees

IT doesn’t understand end users - a well known fact, debated for years now. I interact day in day out with customers, haven’t come across any organisation where end users are happy...

Heathrow Airport – Freedom Finally

Freedom! Freedom from Queues at Terminal 5 @ Heathrow Airport Would you belive it when I tell you that it took me a mere 13 minutes from the time...

Microsoft AI Business School – Free !

Microsoft has launched AI Business School aimed answering key questions for business leaders around - how and where to begin implementing AI across their companies; the cultural changes that AI requires companies...

I am thinking about a 7 year old and his $22M

Don't know how to react or what to get my kids to focus upon - toys or books. The Digital Economy is changing everything fundamental we all have grown up with. Is...

Exchange 2019 – Preferred Architecture

Microsoft has released their preferred architecture for Exchnage 2019 last week. So what is Preferred Architecture - Starting with Exchange 2013 way back in April 2014, Microsoft Exchange...

Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck)

Missing meetings is not only embarassing but also a productivity loss issue, apart from fact that it can cause serious revenue loss too. The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook...