Are the CIOs ready for customer obsession?

customer experience

I was reading the article published in Enterprise CIO titled “The CIO’s role is moving to customer obsession – but many lack the tools to do it“, it started very well with a wonderful opening line – The CIO role is moving ever further towards customer experience as a priority. Well, it absolutely ignited my interest with 99% agreeing that customer experience was an important aspect of their role

However, what followed was really disappointing – almost 46% suggesting transforming and migrating IT environments to the cloud for business-critical applications was a key priority for customer experience….really? I really fail to understand why CIOs think that a technological move to cloud would magically improve customer experience. Yes the evergreening and anywhere anytime access is critical, but putting technology ahead of maybe ensuring that readiness of their staff both technically and behaviourally to ensure that they bring customer experience in everything thing they do – every initiative and thought, is simply naive.

Unless CIOs can encourage and incentivise their staff, customer obsession role would end up being another technology shift rather than a mindset shift. This is the reason that 75% of British respondents said they needed greater access to tools to deliver a greater experience for customers.

I am 100% convinced that there is a definite need for me to focus on creating awareness in the CIO circle either by a change of role or starting my own small little firm. High time the CIOs brought in the softer aspects to IT.