Need greater focus from IT Leadership


Every time an organisation releases a workplace services RFP there are quite a few consistent themes – unhappy with current services, cost optimisation, employee experience, automation, innovation.

If you dig deeper and discuss with them, the real focus is around improving employee productivity while reducing costs of providing world class IT Services to enable business. After all Revenue to Employee ratio is a key measure to determine how productively a company is able to utilize its employees and contribute to its business growth.

Even with such clarity it is amazing that same leaders push statements like – good is good enough, just ensure that you can meet the SLAs, cut down the costs by half, reduce FTEs needed to support etc. This is the genesis of viscous cycle of unhappy employees, suboptimal experience, higher costs during engagement & dissatisfaction with services.

A greater focus & investment is required from IT leadership to ensure their staff understands the importance of employee experience with empathy at the heart of it. A belief that their sole purpose is to improve employee productivity and happiness while bringing in relevant innovations. Unless this is achieved, IT will always be seen as a roadblock and employees will continue to be disillusioned with IT.