Heathrow Airport – Freedom Finally


Freedom! Freedom from Queues at Terminal 5 @ Heathrow Airport

Would you belive it when I tell you that it took me a mere 13 minutes from the time I walked out of the aircraft to car park at Terminal 5 after my visa check etc, coming from Netherlands – would you believe me, No? Yes I would not have been able to believe it myself. But this has happened thanks to Heathrow Airport – Unbelievable! This is User Experience

Until now, the wonderful e-gates at immigration were available for use only with passports from the UK, EU/EEA, and Switzerland. They have now added 7 more countries – Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea & United States. What a relief.

To top it you dont have to fill the Landing Cards ! Thanks Chancellor Philip Hammond…

You can read all about it here…