I am thinking about a 7 year old and his $22M


Don’t know how to react or what to get my kids to focus upon – toys or books. The Digital Economy is changing everything fundamental we all have grown up with. Is this good – well I am not sure what say – but yes this is the new world.

What am I talking about? A seven-year-old boy Ryan, who reviews toys on Youtube has been revealed as YouTube’s highest-earning star, raking in a whopping $22m (£17.3m) in the 12 months leading up to June 1, 2018, Forbes estimates. So what category does Ryan fall into – he is part of category called the “unboxing” world, in the Youtubers (or any other channel) open stuff in front of camera while making such insane amounts of money. He has become a major influencer with likes of Walmart and Amazon having signed him up.

I have been wondering, does the new generation learn from this? Most kids are hooked on to such Youtubers, who either show videos of themselves playing online games, pranks, funstuff etc. So the new saying is – ‘All play and no work makes Ryan a rich kid’. What about all the advice around limiting online time for kids. Also, the very fact that digital platforms and too much screen time can make kids more isolated and keep them away from real world friendships and activities.

Having researched a bit on this topic, I have read that lot of parents believe that YouTube is a positive influence in their kids’ lives. It provides an opportunity to the kids to improve upon their communication skills, as developing online content requires kids to think about their message and work to convey what they want to say. Some believe part-time YouTubing can impress when it comes to getting apprenticeships.

I am more worried about ensuring that my kids getting the most benefit and the least harm, while spending time online…!