Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck)


Missing meetings is not only embarassing but also a productivity loss issue, apart from fact that it can cause serious revenue loss too.

The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck) is a command-line program that checks the Microsoft Outlook calendar for problems. The tool opens an Outlook messaging profile to access the Outlook calendar. It performs various checks on general settings, such as permissions, free/busy publishing, delegate configuration, and automatic booking. Then, each item in the Outlook calendar folder is checked for known problems that can cause unexpected behavior, such as meetings that seem to be missing. It generates a report that can be used to help diagnose problem items or identify trends.

Command-line switches that are available are:

CalCheck [-P <profilename>] [-L <filename>] [-M <mailboxname>] [-N <display_name>] [-S <servername>] [-O <path>]
[-C <version>] [-A] [-F] [-R] [-V] [-No]

CalCheck -?

-P Profile name (if absent, will prompt for profile)
-L Path and file name of List file (file listing the Name and LegacyExchangeDN) of mailbox(es) to check
-M Mailbox DN is used with -N (process only the mailbox that is specified)
-N Display name is used with -M (process only the mailbox that is specified)
-O Output path (if specified, write output files to this path. The default is the current folder.)
-C Version to use for Office 2013 Click-to-Run scenario
-A All calendar items output to CALCHECK.CSV
-F Create CalCheck folder and move flagged error items there
-R Put a report message in the inbox with the CalCheck.log file
-V Verbose output to the Command Prompt window
-? Print this message

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