File Sharing or Endpoint Backup…

EndPoint Backup

Over the past few months, I have had numerous discussions with solution consultants and customers around file sharing using OneDrive/Dropbox etc vs data backup solutions like Druva Insync. The general belief is that OneDrive has versioning capabilities and is best suited as a solution, when someone gives a requirement around data backup and protection. Maybe in future OneDrive/DropBox and Druva would have similar capabilities however at the moment these are separate set of solutions with very different business case, even though they have overlapping features.

OneDrive/DropBox with their file sharing and sync features are not same as a endpoint backup solution like Druva Insync. It is important to note that OneDrive/DropBox have fundamentally been developed for real-time collaboration without the aim for these to be an exact copy of a user’s data on his/her endpoint (laptop/desktop). This means that in case of a problem with the endpoint OneDrive/DropBox cannot be used to revcover the endpoint or 100% data. With OneDrive/DropBox if the file is corrupt, the same file gets replicated across all devices, well yes there is versioning.

Enterprise endpoint backup solutions like Druva Insync with appropriate configurations ensure that endpoint data is backed up and in case a device has storage issues (crash) or virus attack, the data or entire device can be restored. Also, in case the device is stolen, there are features avaialble like remote wipe, that can ensure security and compliance w.r.t data.

There are quite a few differences in features like eDiscovery, bandwidth throttling, deduplication, file type (.exe etc), endpoint recovery are some of key features. However, my point is very simple, we are technology professionals who are responsible for architecting and designing solutions for our customers, we should be very clear about what the customer is demanding and also be proactive in ensuring they understand that there are different solutions for different needs. Like I said, maybe in couple of years OneDrive/DropBox might have all the features, but at the moment if it is endpoint backup and restore, then solution like Druva Insync is the winner!

PS: I am a fan of OneDrive, so this is not about which is better, it is about which is applicable.