Exchange 2010: Case of Missing Archive Mails in Outlook 2010


Well availability of Outlook 2010 was a much anticipated due to the very famous Personal Archive feature in Exchange 2010. But…people were in for a surprise when they upgraded to Outlook 2010 RTM from MDSN or TechNet – the Personal Archive and Retention Policies went missing.

The issue was discussed at length and as per one of the Outlook PM – Technet and MSDN have Pro Plus Retail with keys that do not enable the Outlook Pro features. So what this means is that Retention policies and Personal archive are not available as of now in Outlook 2010 Pro plus retail version on TechNet/MSDN, using the keys there. The Volume Licensing Keys on the other hand do not have this issue.

I see and can see a lot of discussion on this decision from Microsoft! Lets wait and watch !