Microsoft TechEd India 2010 – Registered yet?


Folks have you registered for Microsoft TechEd India 2010 yet? Great if you have, and a big why if not !!!

My personal opinion has always been that Microsoft TechEd is a must attend if you clam to be a Microsoft Technologies Professional. Also as per Microsoft ‘Because you will return to your office with knowledge and expertise that only the three days at Tech.Ed-India, the largest technology conference globally this year can offer. You will learn about todays cutting-edge trends, helping make life easier for you at work. But the most important benefit of all just might be the networking opportunity that the forum will provide you you can build personal connections with Microsoft experts and peers that will last far beyond the event.

Now one of the highlights of this event is that for the first time there is a Community Track too, and a few MVPs would be speaking there. Do look out for the details of the sessions and the speakers the community is excited to get you!

By the way Yours truly is also a Speaker at Microsoft TechEd 2010, and would be showcasing few features of Exchange Server 2010 that will help Empower your Users !!!