IBM Panasonic Win – Some Interesting News !


Last couple of days, there was a lot of talk of IBM’s latest win.

From International Business Machines on Thursday announced the largest-ever enterprise cloud computing venture, with the migration of Panasonic to all of IBM’s LotusLive collaboration services, including e-mail and social networking” … and further “Panasonic will move employees from Microsoft Exchange or other collaboration software to LotusLive for e-mail, calendars and contact management. Panasonic will present more details at IBM’s annual Lotusphere Conference January 17-21 in Orlando, Fla.

Well, everyone was talking about it, and honestly it was more of a surprise for folks in the Messaging Industry….! Today Julia White, Director, Exchange Product Management provided some interesting facts.

From UC Team BlogIn advance of Lotusphere, IBM is touting a big cloud win with Panasonic who they claim will be using LotusLive for 380,000 people, and IBM is claiming this as a replacement of Microsoft Exchange. These claims around Panasonic compel me to shed some light on the real facts. Panasonic, which has just under 300,000 employees, was already using Notes worldwide, and fewer than 4% of their employees were using Exchange Server most of them in North America. As with many recent IBM claims, this win is little more than keeping an existing customer.

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I would love to see IBM’s response to this.