2010 – A Year to look forward to….


First of all Wishing all of you a very Happy and Prosperour New Year … !! May God Bless you !!

Needless to say that 2009 was a tough year by all means for mortals like me, specially in the Indian IT industry with discontinued benefits, frozen salaries, workforce reductions, focus on cost cutting rather than work and assignment, diminished R&D budgets to name a few. Hold on to what you are doing – Business as Usual was the mantra.

Microsoft gave enough reasons to people like me to smile and concentrate on better things (technical) in life – with a list of amazing products in the “2010” series – Exchange, SharePoint, Forefront, Office to name a few…! So if the year 2009 was dominated by entry of 2010 series and we being busy testing and learning, year 2010 would be tougher – as hopefully everyone would be busy implementing this 2010 Series !! I wish the entire 2010 Series Community – All the very Best for the coming year, this is the year when most of us will be able to put into practice the learnings from this year. Migrations & Transitions would dominate the Messaging & Collaboration domain this year … “from what to where” … no points for guessing this !!

Definitely, Year 2010 – is A year to look forward to……