Awarded MVP – Exchange Server !!!!


July 01, 2009 – I may never forget this date ! Another hectic day at office, work related issues, deadlines, pressure from boss and to top it all, had to take tough decision of releasing one team member blah blah blah. At 2:30PM IST, got a call from Amit Tank (MVP) congratulating me on joining the MVP Club, I could not believe it and he had to confirm that 2-3 times. It was an amazing feeling, I was suddenly speechless, not knowing what to say. In sometime got a mail confirming the news. What Next ???? Mixed feelings…..

Called up my wife – She was damn excited, and could not hide her happiness like me. Few of her words – “Finally – someone appreciated you for all your work, now I have no reason to crib” She is the one who has been always been on receiving end, as I have spent a lot of time Offline/Online with the Community etc.

Called up Senthil – A friend and ex-colleague who in 2007 goaded me in working for the community, not that I was not active, but he made sure that I work not only offline but online too. After all – He was an ex-Microsoft employee, and had their values. He was excited for sure, well Thanks Senthil !!! …….

Told my colleagues – Was expecting some response, ha ha ha, was it too much, maybe yes, most of them didn’t knew what MVP meant, well can’t blame them, they thought it was some certification. An Award that means so much to me, was a certification for them, how cruel. Their reaction made me feel, that it was a trivial achievement and suddenly all my happiness faded away even before, I could digest the news… into meetings, issue resolution, fire fighting etc for next 3 hours….irritiated, unable to express my feelings for once in life…..didnt know how to do it…!

Informed my onsite boss – Voila, some respite, he made my day….his reaction was great and he even told leaders/peers across other region and their reactions (calls & mails) from all over, suddenly made me feel special…..hmm nothing lost after all.

Well, I would like to thank apart from all people – Amit Tank, who like I have mentioned earlier, was instrumental in many ways, in guiding me. Also folks at Experts-Exchange, who have a fantastic forum where I contribute a lot in my spare time. And my wife, my son, my parents, my friends – for their patience with me!

MVPs for me are a great group of people and to be recognized by Microsoft, for them to think, I am somewhere near to be allowed to join that elite group, was/is an honour. I have always looked upto all MVPs, their contributions to communities – Simon B, Kieran B, Amit T, Andy G, Rui S, Brian T to name a few, though there are other great MVPs, whom I have missed to mention, but they know what they are – great people !

Thanks Everyone…….