Exchange 2007 on Domain Controller (Global Catalog) – Services do not Start !


Exchange 2007 on a Domain Controller is not advised in any case. I come across this issue where by if Exchange 2007 is installed on a DC that is also a Global Catalog, the Exchange services fail to start. No No this issue is not new it has been there since Exchange 2000 days.

At the same time events MSExchangeSA (1005), MSEXchangeIS (1121) and MSExchangeADAccess (2601) are logged in the EventViewer. The reason for this behaviour is that DC & other services on which Exchange services are dependent might not have not started when Exchange 2007 services try to start.

Now to overcome this issue, there are some things that can be done (follow any one of the below options)…

  • Delay the Startup of Exchange Server: Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeSA\Parameters and create a DWORD Registry Subkey BootPause and keep Decimal value to 120. Repeat the process for other services like MSEXchangeIS etc. Note: The issue in this case would be that Server startup with Exchange services would be slower due to this delay, but at the sametime other DC/Exchange-Dependent services will get time to start completely.
  • Start Services Manually: As an another option you can always start these services Manually. A bit risky if there was a unexpected restart of server, then your intervention would be required for Exchange Services, else users would complain
  • Set Exchange services to Restart automatically: Goto Services Console (snap-in), select respective Exchange service and configure under Recovery -> Restart the Service. Set Restart Service After to 2 minutes. Configure for all where it is not configured.

So, this is another reason why Exchange on DC is not really advisable, but works 🙂 !!