Sad Story of a Wonderful Institute : NIMC / AIMK



National Institute of Management Calcutta (NIMC) was established on 28 July 1997 by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), New Delhi, to conduct Management related programs and courses to the wards of Indian Army personnel. The institute also gives equal opportunities to the general candidates as well. The institute’s name was later changed to Army Institute of Management, Kolkata (AIMK) on 11th of February in the year 2005. Good to also know that the campus is pretty decent (eco-friendly) with an area of 9 acres at Alipore.

Steady Start:

The USP of the institute is that it is run by Indian Armed Forces (Army). Who could be better than Army, to instill discipline and culture in MBA students? Full residential course, facilities, faculty – you name it is has it. The first 4 batches had an almost 100% placement record, which speaks about the phenomenal success, the institute had in the very initial stages. So what’s wrong with the institute, why the subject – Sad Story of a Wonderful Institute?

What then?

Students who passed out, had/have been passionate about the institute, willing to help at every opportunity. Unfortunately, management at the institute, it seems forgot the very basics, that is required for any institute to be successful – Alumni. They started taking Alumni for granted, Alumni meets would be scheduled and then changed at the last moment to the dismay of alumni, just to accomodate some Brigadier/Genrenal. For people working it was a major issue, as most Alumni would be based out of Kolkata and last minute changes would mean, no participation. Year after year it happened and Alumni started loosing interest. Some students/Alumni tried bringing back the Alumni to the institute, with limited success.

Along came some oppourtinists, who in the name of bringing back Alumni on track and working for the institute started promoting themselves only. They created another website in the name of the institute causing confusion. Second Website would link to their blog/websites and was a clear case of promotion of blog/personal website rather than Institute website. Well, the outcome was nothing concrete; except some mails that would just create reactions and nothing else :-).

So…..With good infrastructure, good faculty and enough funds, where are we. Institute is still doing Ok, but think – where it would have been if those 1000+ Alumni would have been active and had close relation with current students and management – yes it would have been in the top 10, if not top 5.

A Sad Story of a Wonderful Institute !