Mobile Phones – Ouuch !!


I started using Mobile Phones in the year 2001. Owning a phone without a visible antenna example Nokia 3310 (released in fourth quarter of 2000) was a craze. One of my seniors in office was faulting it and immediate went and bought it. Those days usage was costly with incoming and outgoing both being charged upto INR 5/-. I still remember when in December 2002, Airtel launched a scheme with free incoming, I took it, well at INR 1100/- monthy rental, around 10% of my monthly take home. I was a poor guy but that scheme made me popular at office. People were jealous seeing me talking on the Mobile for hours, wondering how much do I earn, hahahaa !!!! I kept on changing phones every 4-6 months initially [maybe coz I lost them also ;-)], then in mid 2003 bought Sony Erricson T310. My friends joked, so when will you loose this or change it….I used to curse them.

Call it luck or destiny, It’s been 5 years and I am still using the same phone. All taped around (will show the photo soon). The same friends, collegaues and bosses are now after my life to change it, so is my wife. Some are willing to pay for it also.They say how can I use such an antique model that looks so worn out. I earn maybe around 5-6 times what I earned when I bought it, but now I am so addicted to this phone that I don’t want to change it. I have not even changed the Cover or Battery till date and it still gives me around 3 hours of talk time. My point has been what do people mostly use a phone for Calling and SMSing !! I have never used my phone for MMS/WAP etc though it had all these features in the year 2003 also.

Recetly it started giving problems and all the pestering made me think, lets go ahead and look for options. My God !!!! its a crazy world out there. Models come and go every month. Manufactures are making a fool or people by just changing the look and feel of models and shiping same features again and again. Mad people even change models every quarter…….ya ya I remember my old’ days too !!!!

Sony Ericsson has launched C905 Cybershot phewwwwww with a 8.1 Mega Pixel camera, are they mad it is a mobile or a camera. Nokia has all the funny looking models but my heart and soul is for BlackBerry phones. I had been using them for 2 years (though not using for past 9 months) and trust me I was so hooked onto it for the instant communication features (email/IM) and obviously Sudoku !!!!!!

I am still confused what to buy, I might look for a model with GPRS / Office Applications / Email / Camera / Music / etc etc, not sure. Will let you know once I buy one. !!! My only concern will I use all those features. Does anyone use them at all !!!!

!!! Mobile Phones – are the Manufactures driving the demand or is it actually the demand !!