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Are the CIOs ready for customer obsession?

I was reading the article published in Enterprise CIO titled "The CIO's role is moving to customer obsession - but many lack the tools to do it", it started very well with...

Need greater focus from IT Leadership

Every time an organisation releases a workplace services RFP there are quite a few consistent themes - unhappy with current services, cost optimisation, employee experience, automation, innovation.

IT doesn’t understand Employees

IT doesn’t understand end users - a well known fact, debated for years now. I interact day in day out with customers, haven’t come across any organisation where end users are happy...

Workplace Services evolution – Automotive Manufacturers

Digitization, Automation and New Business Models have revolutionized many industries while transforming the way they do business and manage their ecosystems; Automotive Industry is no exception! ‘Software Competence’ has become one of...

Managing User Experience for Exchange & Lync

Increasingly solutions like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync have become the preferred communication medium for employees within themselves, or with the external world. Any degradation in performance or unavailability of these services is noticed immediately,...

Outlook PST Files – Ingestion Considerations…

In most of the legacy Exchange deployments, users historically have archived e-mails to prevent their mailbox from filling up within Outlook due to lack of proper archive strategies. These archived files, also...

Office365 – Migration Framework

In my previous article, I talked about Why Office365 Migration matters and what are the key approaches and considerations. In this article, I will cover a high-level migration framework.

Office365 – Migrate and How?

With the advent of Office 365, Microsoft has further strengthened its position as a leading provider of cloud-based services. When compared to the previous Microsoft cloud-based capabilities, Office 365 integrates better with...

UDP Notification Support in Exchange 2010 ?

A couple of days ago I was discussing Outlook 2003 issues we face when the mailbox is on a Exchange 2010 Server. The obvious solution that I was offering was ask customer...
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Where have I been !

Yes, I have been away. Changing Jobs and Cities with a family wufff never that thought it would be so difficult. Have been doing it all these years, but with 2 kids,...